Compiled by: Islamic Revolutionary Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Protests against the killing of people in Tabriz and other cities spread across the country, Rastakhiz party centers in several cities were targeted by demonstrators and were destroyed or set on fire. In Germany, at the invitation of the Union of Islamic Associations, a demonstration was organized in the city of Bonn. In this demonstration, which was attended by a large number of supporters of a branch of the confederation, about 20 German students left the line and entered the building when the line of marchers passed in front of Pars news agency headquarters. The crowd of demonstrators in front of the news agency office prevented the police from getting information about the situation inside the building. In a short period of time, the German friends messed up the things in that office and completely destroyed the office rooms and broke the existing communication devices and left the building under the protection of the students. It was on the way that the police learned about the students' attack and approached the protest authorities to detain them and stop the demonstration. Also, the members of the news agency office said that the rioters were German, although the police investigation continued for several weeks, but no harm or assault was done to the participating Iranians.

Fereydun Sahabi from Iran informed that if the imam sends a message to the soldiers and frees them from the oath to the Quran that they take to protect the monarchy when taking the headscarf, it will be effective in the morale of the soldiers. I [Sadiq Tabatabaei] informed Ahmad (Khomeini’s son) in Najaf about the matter by phone, and the imam also replied after an intercession that such a kind did not have the aspect of Shariah obligation, and acting contrary to it is obligatory under the existing circumstances.[1]


[1] Source: Tabatabai, Sadegh, Sociopolitical  memoirs of Dr. Sadegh Tabatabai, vol. 1, student movement, Tehran, Arouj publishing house, 2008, pp. 302-303.


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