News of Oral History (February-March 2024/Esfand 1402 SH)

Adjusted by Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


According to Iranian Oral History Website, “News of the Month" is title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the site in written and digital media. In the following, you will read news from February-March 2024 (Esfand 1402 SH).

► The book “Recording Oral History” written by Valerie Raleigh Yow and translated by Hossein Farahani has been published in 500 copies and 3950000 IRR cover price by Sooreh Mehr Publications. This book is a guide for humanities and social sciences (along with interview principles and methods).

► Mohsen Kazemi wrote in a note published in Khabaronline: What makes the book “Moon and Oak” by Mohsen Momeni Sharif different from other Iranian novels is that it either directly used the rich resources of oral history, or it has not looked down on the written resources of this kind of historiography.

► The management of Petroleum Museums and Documents Center has invited those interested in compiling oral experience and oral history to participate in training courses.

► The book launch of oral history book of Hojjat al-Islam Abdullah Hajj Sadeghi, the representative of Vali-e Faghih in IRGC’s Quds Headquarters during the Holy Defense, was held at the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center on Tuesday February 27.

► Special oral history workshops for activists of the Congress of “Fordo” Village Martyrs were held in cooperation with the Qom’s General Directorate of the Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Works and Values.

Monday, March 4, the fourth conference of the enlistee elites of the foundation for preservation and publication of sacred defense works and values was held at the Qasr-e Shirin Auditorium of the National Museum of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense.

► While visiting the General Directorate of Preservation and Publication of Holy Defense Works and Values, the representative of the Supreme Leader in Kurdistan emphasized the importance of oral history of the Holy Defense, and he said, “Recording the sacrifices of people of Kurdistan in the Holy Defense is very important, and this should be done creatively.”

► The book launch of the two-volume book “We Reached Arvand,” the memories of the war-disabled Karim Nasr Esfahani, the commander of Qamar Bani Hashem (PBUH) Brigade, was held in the presence of commanders and veterans of the Holy Defense at the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center.

►  Faculty members of the Department of History and Archeology of Islamic Azad University proposed to compile oral history in the national meeting of deans and faculty members of this field.

► Gholamreza Azizi, researcher and referee of the social political research department of the book of the year of Holy Defense, said in an interview with IBNA, “In this year's grouping, the oral history group was removed (at least nominally) and most of the works were placed under the documentary group. In the previous periods, history, oral history, and memories were examined as separate works; because they work differently in processing and attracting the audience, and there are also different methods; But in this period it got a bit integrated.

► Stating that the treasure of the oral heritage of the prisoner of war [(in Iran they are called Azadegan which means freedman)] must be passed on to the future generations, Director General of Alborz’s Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Holy Defense Works and Values said, “Azadegan have an important part of history of the Holy Defense, especially the period of captivity, in their chest which we should try to preserve it and transfer to the younger generation.

The book launch of 30 books on oral history of role of Yazd in Holy Defense and biographies of martyrs of the imposed war were held in Yazd.

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