A Spring Note

A Conversation for Today and Yesterday Inspired by Nature

Compiled by: Hamid Qazvini
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


The world is like a mountain and our acts are voice

The voice is like calls come back toward us


Spring song is heard. The earth shows its colorful face. Nature is on the path of excellence and leaves winter behind. It is as if this eternal teacher reminds people that the past is not unrelated to today and tomorrow. In order to reach spring, one must experience winter and note that the colder and snowier the winter, the better spring and summer will be ahead, and one must keep hope alive with what winter brings.

Imam Ali (PBUH) says: What has passed has been lost, and where is what is to come now? Get up and find this opportunity between two nothings. Referring to Imam Hasan (PBUH) he says: Like me, pay attention to studying the history of previous generations and add to your life by gaining their experiences and learn from their works.

Saadi also says:

O Saadi yesterday passed and tomorrow is still not available / between this and that, count today's opportunity

Of course, a person can use the present time correctly when he has the present. He must create the present and the future by being realistic and avoiding illusions and logical knowledge of the past.

Some writers consider history research to be a conversation between the past and the present. This conversation is a proof of the existence of the present in life. A society that is important to him now, does not stop at imaginative storytelling and turns to questioning the past. Herodotus, as a first Greek historian, began his work by asking about the past in order to discard the myths that had become believable. Such a society manifests the desire to reform.

  The researcher of history tries to enter into a purposeful and disciplined dialogue with the past with the questions that are formed from the heart of today's need and to receive appropriate answers.

So, let's consider and appreciate this constant conversation.

The spring of faith, which the month of Ramadan promises, along with the spring of nature, blessed you!

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