A section of the memories of Ramadan

Hamidreza Amini; Shahid Dehghan Primary School

Compiled by: Faezeh Sasanikhah
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


This memory is related to one of the days of the holy month of Ramadan in 1988 in the Mosul camp in Iraq, which shows us the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan and its miracles. It was the 19th of the holy month of Ramadan and I and some of the comrades who were fasting according to the Qur'an, religion and tradition, and we were spending the days with the very limited and insignificant conditions and facilities that they had. One of my friends told me that my mother every year at night Twenty one Ramadan has a vow of halvah, and since my mother passed away, I have been fulfilling this vow. Now that I am here, I am very sad that I wish I could fulfill my mother's vow. When I saw my friend's contorted face, I said to him: God is great, God willing, your vow will be fulfilled, and I was thinking for several hours when I suddenly remembered the bread ration. Each person was given two loaves of bread a day. Like our own baguette bread, but as the comrades say, it is watered down and turned into a brick. I told my friend how many breads we have. My friend said how many would it be? I won't bother you, I cut the bread into pieces and cut out the dough in the middle, which was very hard and hard, and pounded the dough with the bottom of a fork, and my friend was shocked that our flour was provided. What will happen to oil, sugar and other ingredients? I said laughingly, do you vow of halvah? He said what to do, I said we would get the rest from the kitchen, God would accept. The kitchen was in the hands of the Iraqis and every day they gave enough rations to prepare food. We prepared the dough and spread it in front of the window. It was dry until tomorrow. And because of hitting it with the bottom of the glass, our flour was really flour, and when we arrived in front of the kitchen the next morning, I told my friend that you and the comrades should be busy in front of the kitchen so that the guard's attention will go away, and I will also provide the necessary equipment on this occasion. Finally, no matter how hard it was, I prepared the things and it was really a miracle that I went there. Comrades who are busy making something for Iftar,[[1]] whether it's onion juice with boiled eggplant, without salt, may God not grant any enemy, let alone a friend. In short, I took the opportunity and we got busy in the corner of the kitchen, and as the famous saying goes, our halva was formed, and let's just say, what a delicious halvah it was, and we were just surprised by what the smell of the perfume was really made of, and in the end, we had an account. We were frying it until the color of halva was formed, the Iraqis noticed our work and said that this food is forbidden, and my friend, who was afraid that his vow would not be fulfilled and everything would be ruined, once I told the Iraqi guard that this is for Iftar and it is mixed with eggplant and our eggplant stew It will be done and the Iraqis who were surprised thought that we want to mix the halvah in the pot with the eggplants and interestingly the Iraqi guard with his Arabic accent said it was delicious. We took the halvah to the nursing home and divided it among all the comrades. Let me tell you what an elaborate Iftar was and all the comrades were surprised. The halva was also served in the camp and let me tell you that my friend's vow was fulfilled and he was very happy that he gave his vow. From then on, a meal was added to the comrade's meal, which was a delicious halvah, and all the comrade owe this blessing and the provision of ingredients for a sweet and fragrant halva to the blessing of the month of Ramadan and the miracle of the vow of Imam Ali (PBUH), peace be upon him, and my friend, who is very He was happy and vowed there that if God provides the day of our freedom, every night of the 21st of Ramadan, with the intention of that night and the miracle of providing the means to make halvah, after that in Iran, he will prepare a meal of halvah in the same way as it was prepared in captivity. and give Iftar to the people, may God bless us all in the holy month of Ramadan and the month of the revelation of the Quran with his endless mercy, and in the hope of the release of all the prisoners in the prison of the Iraqi regime, and in the hope of the healing of all the veterans of Islamic Iran, and the health and longevity of our beloved leader. And the happiness of all you teachers, teachers and hardworking managers who have devoted all their efforts to the education of the comrades of this border and region, we thank and ask for the happiness of the Almighty God.

The year 1988, the nights of Qadr in the holy month of Ramadan and God bless Azadeh and Janbaz Alireza Amin- Iraq, Mosul camp: Sanatorium No. 1, number of 141 people, number of camp prisoners 850 people.[2]


[1] It is the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims in Ramadan at the time of adhan of the Maghrib prayer.

[2] Source: Mandari, Tahira, A Drop from the Ocean of Destiny, Memoirs of the Holy Defense Warriors in Ramadan, Amir Mohammad Publications, 2004, p. 43.

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