News of oral history for Ordibehesht 1401(April-May 2022)

Edited by Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by M.B. Khoshnevisan


According to the website of Iranian Oral History, “News of the Month” is the tile of a series of reports in this website. The reports take a look at the news related to the subject of the website in written and cyber media. What follows is the news of Ordibehesht 1401 (April-May 2022).

*The Director General of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Values in Khuzestan Province considered the honoring of the war veterans and freed POWs as an Islamic and human responsibility and said, “At present, the most important negligence of the respected freed POWs is the registration and recording of their lasting memoirs”. 

*The Director General of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Values in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province pointed to the necessity of registering and recording the oral history of the war veterans of the state offices, and said, “It is necessary for the offices and organizations to record the oral history of their veterans as soon as possible. He also informed that so far 13 titles of oral history books of the commanders and combatants of the holy defense era of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province have been published and 13 titles are about to be published.

*In an interview with Shahrara News, Fatemeh Sultan Saffari, a remaining of old midwives in Mashhad has said about the oral history of this job.

*The Head of the Fifth District of Isfahan Municipality said, “We followed the project of “Oral History of Neighborhoods” of this district since last year in order to make the result available to everyone in the form of a book”.

*An oral history workshop special for the students was held in Lorstan University on 21st and 22nd of Ordibehesht (May 11 and 12).

*The book “Technical and Vocational University as Narrated by Oral History” was produced and released by Engineer Shahnaz Jabal Ameli in four sections and 502 pages.

*The book “Here is Syria” is the first title out of the collection of the publisher in the category of “Women of Resistance – Sedition of Levant” and according to the author, it tries to open a new chapter in how to register oral history.

*The book “Agha Saeed” recounts part of the oral history of Kermanshah and the life of martyr Seyed Mohammad Jafari authored by Mohammad Mehdi Hemmati and published by Rah-e Yar Publications in 662 pages.

*The first meeting of “The Committee for Reviewing Oral History Books” with a focus on the sacred defense was held in the office of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Values in Western Azarbaijan Province.

*The book “Oral History of Tose’e Ta’avon Bank” was unveiled in the presence the senior directors of the bank.

*In the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair, Rah-e Yar Publications presented 40 titles of works published during the years of the COVID 19 pandemic with new topics in the field of oral history.

*In the framework of calling the research project "Oral History of Shariati Public Library of Holy Mashhad" and in order to explain the role of public libraries, especially Dr. Shariati Public Library of Holy Mashhad in social and cultural developments, the General Office of Public Libraries of Khorasan Razavi Province invited the researchers to cooperate in collecting oral documents.

*The book “Relentless Fires” which narrates the oral history of Goodarz Qolipour, a combatant of the sacred defense period from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province was reviewed and criticized in Yasooj. 

*The person in charge of the Preservation of IRGC Works in Khorasan Razavi Province said, “If the issue of compiling the oral history of the sacred defense is brought up, the software budget of this work should also be considered, because it is the last decade that we can collect the oral history of the combatants of the sacred defense era”.

*The book “Rooyan Story”, the oral history of Dr. Mohammad Kazemi Ashtiani, the Director of Rooyan Research Center was unveiled with new edition.

*The Oral History Workshop of Sacred Defense was held in Yasooj in the presence of the authors, researchers and representatives of the veterans and the offices and organizations of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

*The book “Flying at the Foot of Mount Damvand” (part of the oral history of the life of martyred scientist Fakhri Zadeh) was unveiled in Tehran’s book fair.

*Concurrent with the ninth day of Tehran book fair, a ceremony for unveiling the oral history book of Brigadier General Seyed Yahya (Rahim) Safavi and the book “Yahya” was held in the presence of general Safavi, Morteza Sarhangi, author and researcher of sacred defense, Mehrshad Shababi, author, Mohammad Ali Agha Mirzaee, the author of Yahya and some people of culture and literature.

*The representative of the Supreme Leader in Eastern Azarbaijan Province, emphasizing that oral history should be written in order to be preserve for future generations, said: "The archive of documents expresses an important part of the culture and identity of the country."

*On the sideline of the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair, Hojjatoleslam Saeed Fakhrzadeh in an interview with Fars News Agency said, “No book has been written that shows that we exported our revolution during the war.”

*The Head of the Office of Golestan Palace Researches in describing about the oral history of this museum and cultural heritage said, “The oral history of Golestan Palace is a focal point for preserving narratives and containing monuments; Narratives that can each untie the knot of yesterday's ignorance”.

*The person in charge of the Literature and Sacred Defense of Ilam Province said, “In the past one year, we have been able to collect 45 books in the literary genres of poetry, stories, memoirs and oral history on the subject of martyrs and veterans of the clergy and the role of women in the sacred defense in Ilam province.

*The Head of Oral History and Documents of the General Office of Preservation of Sacred Defense Works in Kermanshah said, “We hope that the offices, organizations, military units and government agencies pay more attention to the issue of recording the oral history of combatants and make it one of their working and administrative priorities, and that the writers redouble their efforts in this regard”.

*On the sideline of the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair, Mohammad Hussein Rajabi, the author and researcher of Iran’s contemporary history in an interview with IBNA recommended the people who are interested in history to study the oral history and memory books.

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