The Oral History News of April-May 2022

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to the Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports look at news related to the site in print and online media. In the following, you will read news from April 1401.

► Night of researchers and narrators of the revolution and sacred defense on Tuesday night, April 13 in the open air of the art center with the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Dadman, head of the Art Centers; Morteza Sarhangi, the founder of the Office of Art and Literature of the Resistance in the Art Center, etc., along with Mohammad Ghasemipour, Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia, Mir Emad al-Din Fayazi in the provincial section and Tayebeh Pazouki, Mojtaba Atardi and Kianoosh Golzar Ragheb in the section of oral history researchers Leila Nazari Gilande, Maryam Katabi and Mohammad Nourani were held in the narration section. In this ceremony, Colonel Morteza reviewed memories of Martyr Avini.

► The director-general of the country's performing arts in a meeting with the performing artists of Markazi province emphasized that the oral history of the theater of Markazi province should be prepared and compiled by local researchers with the priority of ritual arts and taziyeh.

►The person in charge of publishing the works and values of the clergy's participation in the sacred defense of Ilam announced: "more than 150 hours of oral history of the role of the clergy in the sacred defense of Ilam province have been recorded."

►The oral history of Golestan World Palace is compiled by collecting the required information from the antiquities of this historical collection.

►A symposium of the Oral History Working Group of the Martyrs' Mothers, Sisters, and Wives was held with the person in charge of publishing the works and values of women's participation in the sacred defense of West Azerbaijan.

►In the book "That Sunny Day", the oral history of the late Sardar Mohammad Karmirad was unveiled in Kermanshah.

►Director of Literature and History of the General Directorate of Preservation of Relics of Hamedan Province announced: "The General Directorate of Preservation of Relics and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense of Hamedan will collect memoirs and oral history of army soldiers during the sacred Defense and army martyrs in a book during current year."

►The person in charge of publishing the works of women's participation in the sacred defense of West Azerbaijan announced the holding of a workshop on oral history and recording the memories of the martyrs in West Azerbaijan.

►The fourth edition of the book "The Story of Royan" Narration of the Oral History of Dr. Saeed Kazemi Ashtiani in Royan Research Institute from Establishment to Consolidation and Progress, was published by Rahyar Publications.

►A research course on oral history attributed to Martyr Ebrahim Asghari was held in Zanjan.

►The first National Festival of Oral History Pioneers, entitled "Sustainable Experience", is organized by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare and with the support of four pension funds affiliated to this ministry.

►The Director-General of Preservation of Relics and Dissemination of the Values of the Sacred Defense of Khuzestan announced the continuation of the oral history movement of the Sacred Defense in the province and said: "But now, thanks to the relatively favorable conditions in Corona, we intend to continue this movement.

►Director-General of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Khorasan Razavi Province said: "Revolutionary artists of Mashhad are busy in publishing books in the field of oral history, documentary production, graphics, etc., which has made Mashhad one of the most influential poles in the country in various artistic fields. .

►The book "Gold-headed Architect: Conversation with Hossein Kalani", the fourth book in the collection of oral history of Iranian football, published by Andisheh Gallery, was unveiled.

►The Deputy Minister of Culture and Education of the cities of Tehran province in an intimate meeting regarding the recording of oral memories of the parents of martyrs, which was held at the Mallard County Foundation, said: Recording the memories of martyrs' parents will be a great and spiritual treasure for future generations.

►The head of Hosseinieh of Art in Mashhad said: Hosseinieh of Art has been formed as an external manifestation of the Office of Studies of the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution since 1386, which deals with activities in various fields and pays attention to oral history.

►The unveiling ceremony of the book "The Spicy Smell of Mustard" was held in Yasuj province with the presence of a group of officials, artists, writers and narrators of the Sacred Defense.

►Amin Kiani, the author of books in the field of sacred defense, said: "Lorestani warriors are an important part of the sayings of sacred defense, which is still more or less unsaid, and writing all these memoirs in the form of literary narratives and oral history requires more effort."

►On the occasion of the Army Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the oral history of Mohammad Ali Erfani, a veteran of the Sacred Defense and a retired militant, was published by the Zanjan Defense Studio.

► The book "Oral History of Tehran's Subway", which is in the final stages of compilation and collection of materials, will be published soon so that those interested in the transportation industry can be informed about the emergence and evolution of the Tehran's subway system during the last half century.

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