Oral History News of Dey 1400

(Covering period: 22/12/2021 to 20/01/2022)

Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of a series of reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the website topic in print and virtual media. In the following, news of Dey 1400 can be read:

◄ Shed Tears, a book narrating the oral history of ‘Ali Khademi’, one of the holy defense fighters from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, was published with the support of the General Directorate of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values.

◄ A note by Mehdi Tehrani, entitled "oral history neglected the Karbala-4: in memory of the comrades in diver battalions", in terms of the need to investigate this operation, has been published by Khabaronline.

◄ The closing ceremony of the first training workshop for experts in the holy defense oral history was held at the Qom University of Applied Sciences.

◄ Focusing on the oral history of Iranian theater, the documentary "Unfinished Dream", produced and directed by Arian Rezaei, was released online on December 27, 2021.

◄ A holy defense oral history workshop in topics such as principles and techniques of interviewing, priorities, tricks, interviewing, and implementing questions, as well as editing, was held in Mashhad.

◄ The Supreme Leader representative in Kurdistan emphasized the compilation of oral history along with the collection of documents and reminded: ‘the memories and unspoken words of the clerics from the war are each a lasting and proud document from the holy defense which should be retold.’

◄ The head of the Judiciary Department said: ‘so far, the oral history of about 35 officials of the Judiciary who had a role and responsibility during the holy defense, has been recorded.

◄ In an interview with the Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), Mohammad Hashem Akbariani, a researcher, said: ‘Oral history of medical and the issues raised in it, make us look at physicians positively in a way."

◄ The book of Oral History of Printing Industry in Markazi Province was unveiled.

◄ In an interview with Iran Book News Agency (IBNA), Saeid Fakhrzadeh mentioned the importance of oral history: ‘Qassem Soleimani encouraged the recording of war memoirs. But security issues and his excessive humility prevented the recording of his memoirs.

◄ The unveiling ceremony of the first book on guilds unions oral history was held.

◄ The ‘Iranian Library’ event was held with the unveiling of the Oral History of the Iranian Library.

◄ Reviewing Peace be upon Ibrahim, and with support of Gilan Hozeh Honari, the "Cultural Flow in Oral History" meeting was held in Rasht. 

◄ The director of the Center for Documents and Oral History of Shahid Soleimani School announced the establishment of a center for documents and oral history of Shahid Soleimani and said: "Interviews with those who have been with Soleimani at different times have begun."

◄ Stating that we set aside the restrictions to collect the memories of the martyrs, and we invited anyone to participate in this cultural activity, the narrator of Peace be upon Ibrahim said: ‘In writing oral history, nothing should be done to show off.’

◄ In charge of Culture and Resistance Studies of the Ilam Hozeh Honari stated: ‘Ilam is a pristine land of the holy defense oral history, but not a single one of thousands of events that have taken place there, has been told as it should be.

◄ The author of Mother, Tell Me a Story said: The oral history of the revolutionaries is proof of the ideological claim of the Islamic Revolution.

◄ Director-General of Library and Education Research of the National Archives and Library of Iran announced the attendance of this organization with 64 books in the second virtual book fair of Tehran in the fields of information organizing, archiving, oral history, reference sources, table of content, etc.

◄ the Handbook of Oral History, translated by Farahnaz Ismail Beigi, was published by the National Archives and Library.

◄ In the form of illustrated documentary memoirs, the tenth project of recording the oral history of the martyrs' parents began in the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans of the Isfahan cities.

◄ The memoirs of Hamedan people about martyr Qasem Soleimani were published in a book titled God is the Superpower, by the Oral History Office of the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution.

◄ Davood Amirian, author in the field of revolution and holy defense and also the author of the children and adolescent novel, Royal Escape, emphasizes that it is possible to create successful fiction in this field by using oral memories and history and a new look at the subject of January 16 and the Shah's escape. 

◄ Head of the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans: ‘The oral history of the life and role of the mothers of the four martyrs and above should be recorded and written.’

◄ The 3rd National Conference of "the Holy Defense Oral History" will be held on the 30th of January with the participation of 31 provinces and evaluation of 70 related articles.

◄ The Vice President of the National Olympic Committee stated: ‘The establishment of Sports National Museum and attention to oral history is one of the important achievements of the Olympic Committee.’

◄ The audiobook, The Holy Defense Oral History, narrated by Mohammad Sadegh Ahangaran, titled ‘Ba Navay-e Karavan’ has been prepared and has been made available to those interested on the iranseda website.

◄ In cooperation with the Shiraz Oral History Office and the News and Media Center of the University of Shiraz, Fars Siraj Cyberspace Organization will hold a distance learning comprehensive course of ‘Ghalam Sabz Creative Writing’ from January 26 to February 04, 2022.

◄ Explaining the five important operational factors of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, the head of Hozeh Honari said: ‘offering cultural and artistic products of the Islamic Revolution, developing folk art, recording the revolution oral history, environmental propaganda, and media concentration are among the works of Hozeh Honari which followed with the help of The Islamic advertisement Organizations all over the country.

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