Of Us and the War

Everything has a truth and the possibility of its manifestation or concealment depends on the relationship that the human being makes with it. History is not an exception and its essence manifestation is bonded to our style of viewpoint and confrontation with it. Now how this viewpoint is and how it should be? How can we find the truth and possibility of war manifestation?

A Manifestation of Spiritual Power

The memoirs of The Supreme Leader of I. R. Iran are repeated description of epic, bravery, patience and resistance of the zealous men of the sacred war and the fight scenes. The 8 years of sacred defense is full of memoirs and there are still many eager hearts waiting to hear the told and untold stories of that epic and sacrifice era. Although the renewed description of bravery, resistance and outstrip in bravery scenes is a repetition, but the re-description of the epics do not bother the minds of the addressees. The following part is a section of The Supreme Leader of I. R. Iran’s memoirs, as the highest executive official of the country in the period of the sacred defence.

The Invisible Deep Rivers

The oral literature of each period or day is like the flowing waters in the deep land, the flowing rivers that sometimes remained no name or address on the great soil of a land. No doubt, the oral literature of the sacred defense period emerged five months after the all-out invasion of Saddam's army (backed by all the world's militarists of that time). The beautiful and ancient city of Qasr-e Shirin was pounded five months before the aggression of Saddam's army against the Iranian soil.
A review of the book "From the Pavilion to the Trench"

Memoirs of Abbas Ali Dargahi

On the cover of [the book] "From the Pavilion to the Trench" is a contemplative image of an engraved warrior prostrating outside the trench under the protection of his God, and on the back [cover] of the book is a multi-line narrative of the great victory: "The fighting forces, seeing the destruction of the Iraqi tanks, rushed towards the Iraqis from the trench with shouts of God Almighty, and at four oclock in the morning,
Review of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven"

Memoirs of Pilot Hossein Behzadfar

A suitable photo of a pilot and a stair-liked arrangement of the title, which remind the peak and the flight, is used for the cover of the book "Sky is Close to Heaven". The book begins with a brief dedication by the pilot Hossein Behzadfar to his wife and then handwriting of thanks to those who work to collect the memories of warriors and martyrs. Then there is an introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization, ...
The 328th of Night of Memory – 2

Narrating the Heroism of the Air Force

To narrate the memories of the Sacred defense, the 328th Night of Memory program was held by Davoud Salehi as the presenter on Thursday, September 23, 2021, in the tomb of the anonymous martyrs of the Art Centers. Commander Jahangir Ibn Yamin and Commander Akbar Zamani shared their memories in this meeting. In the second part of the Night of Memory program, the presenter, said: "Analyzing the behavior of our pilots in the Air Force of the Army ...
The 327th Night of Memory - 2

Building an office for eulogizing in captivity

The three hundred and twenty-seventh program of the Night of Memory was held on Thursday, 26th of August 2021, with the theme of "Muharram during the war" in Ayatollah Khamenei Mosque with Hossein Behzadifar as the host. In this program, Misters Hossein Estiri and Mohammad Reza Golshani shared their memories. This program was broadcast online on the social networks of Shab-e Khatereh (Night of Memory) and Hozeh Honari (Art Center).