Oral History News of Ordibehsht 1400

(covering April 21, 2021 to May 21, 2021)

Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "Month News" is the title of a series of reports on this site. These reports take a look at the news related to the topic of the website in print and virtual media. In the following, Ordibehest 1400 news can be read:


  • Director of Ilam Hozeh Honari said: “In order to record the important memories and events of the holy defense in Ilam province and the emergence of the "Farsan" group or "Goshborha[1]", an oral history book titled, Hunter of Goshbarha, will be published nationally next month.”
  • Third edition of Leader Mosque; which is a book about the oral history of Keramat Mosque, one of the influential mosques and the center of the Revolutionary Fighters in Mashhad, was published and released by Rah Yar Publications. Within Separation Army, The oral history of Ayatollah Abbas Ali Sadeghi Qahareh, written by Saman Sepahvand, was also published for the second time by the same publications.
  • In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Akram Siddiqui, one of the old employees of the Hozeh Honari who recently became the director of the North Khorasan Hozeh Honari, mentioned the training of artists and the oral history as the focus of her activities.
  • For the first time, based on interviews with researchers, experts, veterans and managers and key people of past and present years in the field of desert management in the provinces and the headquarters of the Forest, Range and Watershed Management Organization, Oral history of managing the desert areas of the country is underway.
  • Emphasizing the status of martyrs and warriors in the holy defense, the Governor of Golestan stated: “The oral history of the bravery and valor of the warriors and martyrs of the holy defense is a valuable treasure which should be passed on to future generations.” He announced that more than half of the funds needed to prepare the oral history of the warriors and martyrs of the executive apparatus have been provided and the rest will be provided.
  • On the occasion of Graphic Week, the video of reading a part of Point/... book was prepared by the Oral History Department of the Academy of Arts and was displayed on the Academy's website.
  • Seyed Ghasem Yahseni, a researcher from Bushehr in the field of oral history who recently published Sadid al-Saltanah and the Studies of Persian Gulf Women, said in an interview with IBNA: “Our history is a male history and made by men, which increases the duty of an independent and conscientious historian to pay special attention to the role and position of women in historical and social developments in order to create historical equality.”
  • The two books, From Comradeship to Medicine and Immigrants will be released by Khatshkanan Publications affiliated to the General Directorate for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Yazd.
  • The publishing director of the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center said: “Simultaneously with the beginning of the Holy Quran virtual exhibition, 96 books in various fields of atlases, literary works, oral history, translation, operations and battles and thematic research is presented by this center.”
  • "Librarian Voice" is a collection of podcasts related to oral history interviews in the field of books, librarianship and information science, which is compiled and published by the National Library and Archives of Iran. The first issue was dedicated to introduce Devotion to Children, on the occasion of death anniversary of Soraya Ghezel Ayagh, a late librarian and writer in the field of children and adolescent literature.
  • The Director General of the Library and Archives of Qazvin said: “The oral history of Qazvin is recorded, written, and provided to researchers as a historical identity in the interview with influential personalities and figures of Qazvin.”
  • The chief strategist for Department of Hozeh Honari of Provinces announced that the transformation document of the Hozeh Honari will be communicated to the provinces soon. He mentioned the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the oral history in the country, the distribution of works and products of the Islamic Revolution, and using the mosques, as the characteristics of the transformation document of the Hozeh Honari.
  • Discussing oral history and the need to look at it properly, Mohsen Kazemi, writer and researcher, writes in a note: “Unfortunately, due to the lack of well understanding of the process of oral history in Iran, most of the study centers and institutions in charge of oral history publish raw and invalid materials.”
  • Aid Worker, which is the oral history of veteran aid worker Abdolhossein Masahi, was unveiled on the occasion of Red Crescent Week in the presence of a number of aid workers and provincial officials at the Kermanshah Red Crescent Society Hall.
  • Stating that honoring the war injured at this year is one of the points considered by the Foundation, the Cultural and Educational Assistant of The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans said: “One of the important measures which should be carried out is to collect the oral history of war injured with 70% injury.”
  • From Fayazieh to Lolan, the oral history of Colonel Seyyed Asad Mousavi, one of the holy defense fighters from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, was reviewed in the presence of a group of sacred defense writers and researchers in Yasuj.
  • The director general of the Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Fars said: “considering the widespread presence of Fars warriors in the liberation of Khorramshahr, 23 books will be unveiled this year, including 3 on oral history and 20 on other topics.”
  • Maryam Amrollah and Hadi Rezaei, Reza Gharakhanlou and Elahe Arab-Ameri, Khosrow Ibrahim and Mostafa Karkhaneh, Tahereh Taherian and Ali Pakizehjam were interviewed in line with the implementation of the Oral History of Iranian Sports project. The 26th meeting of the Oral History of Sports Research Working Group was also held on Sunday, May 16th, at the National Olympic Committee.
  • A two-day workshop on the Oral History of the Holy Defense was held by the presence of writers and researchers of Golestan Province in the meeting hall of the General Directorate for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values.
  • The head of documents and oral history department in the General Directorate of Foundation for Preserving and Publishing Holy Defense Works and Values of Fars stated: “Silent Callers is one of the books of the Fars Holy Defense, two volumes of which will be unveiled during the Holy Defense Week.”


[1]. Goshborha is a criminal group whose members removed the ear of people in Ilam.  

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