Along with the memoirs of narrators from Khorasan

"Hundred and Seventy Sixth Diver" and "the Description of Sky "

Mohammad Ali Fatemi
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: There are two books have been recently delivered to Iranian oral history website by Star Publication centered in Khorasan Razavi[1]. In recent years, the publication has been recently developed, and the content of its books shows superior works in the field of oral history and memories of sacred defense.


Special Moments

Among the books published by this publication, there is a collection entitled "Oral History of Commanders and Warriors". The first edition of the sixth book of this collection, entitled "Hundred and Seventy Sixth Diver" and "the Description of Sky" and the memories of Mohammad Reza Yazdian in spring 2019. 

It is a book in four chapters, with 334 pages that the publisher points out to readers on the book why the memoirs of this narrator are importance; because he is "the only survivor and eyewitness of time when divers and captivity of the Karbala 4 was martyred". 175 martyred divers whose bodies were discovered 29 years after the operation of Karbala 4, and in June 2015, they were buried in magnificent ceremonies", and now the book "Hundred and Seventy Sixth Diver ", as well as the captive years that they left behind.

The thirteen pictorial pages located at the end of the book influences the credibility of memories for readers, but the main impact is the responsible of content. It seems that the narrator narrates with a belief in two roles from the beginning; the role of characters who are present in his narration and the role of adventures that, if not specific to this narrator and narrative characters, won't remain in the memory of the reader and will be forgotten soon. For this reason, the narrator has emphasized the specific moments of his battle, his captivity and resistance, and his companions, and has distanced himself from the fringes that might even have enriched his memories.

The book "Hundred and Seventy Sixth Diver" consists certain scenes of abnormal and ungenerous acts of Saddam's army with newly captured fighters and divers of operation Karbala 4. Also, among the memoirs of the captives of holy defense, it is a book in which the narrator, as much as possible for him, attempted not to repeat the events that have been already written and described; he focuses on specific moments of captivity.


Life and Memories

The other books of Stars Publication, published in late 2018, titled "The Description of Sky: The life and memories of the pilot martyr Ibrahim Fakhraei". The book has already shifted published, but it is the first print in this publication, was reinstated in a new edition and shortages of last print have been compensated.

Mohammad Khosravi Rad, narrator and story-writer from Khorasan, wrote this book in five chapters in 399 pages. His ability in choosing suitable section for the advent of memories, as evidenced in his memoirs and other documentaries, is also evidenced in this book. It is undeniable that reader enjoys of studying short sections which readers of "the Description of Sky" can also experience it.

The author's first words in this book have some points about the book that is a good indication of its content; read one of them:" It's hard to imagine itself; the time of king[2] ... in Imperial army and air force ... an Iranian pilotage student slapped an American professors. It was due to an insult from an American pilotage professor to an Iranian college student! Such a person can have a unique personality. Hasn’t he? Ibrahim (Hojjat) Fakhraei is one of the holy defense's preeminent martyrs. The only and only this act of this student in training course can be so attractive for writer that to step into the his different dimensions and personality traits so as to make him better known and  try to make others familiar with this personality and get close to him. Topics such as the amazing stories of Ibrahim's chivalrousness, his spiritual behavior, his defense of the oppressed, the resistance against greediness, the protection of honor, and courage and vigilance at times of action and hardworking in learning, his special skills and expertise in flying at low altitudes and attacking the enemy from the nearest imminent place, his exemplary unselfishness, all of them are feature you will read in this book."


[1] This Province is located in northeastern Iran. Mashhad is the center and capital of the province.

[2] Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, also known as Mohammad Reza Shah, was the last Shah of Iran from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Iranian Revolution on 11 February 1979.

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