Oral History News of Shahrivar 1400 (August-September, 2021)

Adjusted by Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


According to the Iranian Oral History Website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports look at the news related to topic of the website in written and cyber media. Below you will read news from Sharivar 1400 SH (23 August to 22 September, 2021).

► The director of documents of the General Directorate of Preservation of Sacred Defense Works of Khorasan Razavi said: Due to serious damages such as old age, amnesia, disease and death that threaten the veteran society, it is necessary to pay more than ever attention to oral history of the veterans of the Holy Defense and act with serious and revolutionary will to take into account oral history of individual warriors and veterans with the priority of commanders and veterans.

► In the new episode of the series sessions of "Contemporary Artists's Mood", the Oral History Group of the Academy of Arts has interviewed Davood Fathali-Beigi in order to record the country's contemporary artistic memory and transfer art news and events to the next generation, as well as to investigate Ta'zieh, which is one of the important cultural ritual arts of our country.

► Hamid Ghazvini, who has been interviewing and implementing oral memoirs of Imam Musa Sadr from his friends from 2010 to the last year, says in an interview with Mehr News Agency about how he collected these memories.

"The Oral History of the Bosnian War"  was produced at the Office of the IRIB in Bosnia and Herzegovina; this documentary depicts the popular and organized defense of the Bosnian and Herzegovina army against aggression and genocide, and the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

► Director General of The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs of Kerman stated: The oral history of dignified parents of martyrs and veterans with 70% disability is recorded  daily in this center so that we can use them to better understand the events and personalities of the holy defense and for modeling in all fields.

► The author of "Deserved Teacher" said: "recording oral history of the literacy movement of the 1980s was not only aimed at narrative and historical aspect, but was a reminder that wherever the nation is trusted, people will appear with all their capacity.

► The topics of the 3rd National Conference on “Oral History of Sacred Defense” include theoretical foundations and history of oral history of the holy defense, history of the holy defense’s oral history, necessities and opportunities, pathology and obstacles to the oral history of the holy defense, as well as policy making and role of military and civil organizations in oral history of the holy defense were proclaimed.

► The Executive Secretary of the 3rd National Conference on Oral History of Sacred Defense announced the extension of the deadline for submitting papers to the secretariat of the 3rd national conference on "Oral History of Sacred Defense" and said: The deadline for submitting papers to the secretariat of the conference was extended until October, 22.

► The book of “Comprehensive Plan of Oral History of Seminaries” by Ahmad Fallahzadeh and under supervision of Mohsen Alviri was published in 439  pages by Baqer-ol-Ulum University  Press.

► The first coordination meeting of stages of producing the documentary "Appointment for Love", recording oral history of dignified parents of the martyrs, began in the city of Essalshahr.

► On the occasion of National Cinema Day, the Museum of Iranian Cinema has prepared broadcasting parts of interviews of the oral history of cinematographers for this day.

► Head of Babolsar’s Office for Preservation of the Sacred Defense announced holding the second training course on imaging the oral history of the Holy Defense with the efforts of the Artists Committee of Babolsar’s Office for the Preservation of Works and Publication of Values of the Sacred Defense.

► Cultural and educational deputy of Alborz Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans Affairs announced collection of oral histories of veterans and parents of Alborz martyrs, and said: 20-minute videos have been compiled from oral history of the martyrs' parents.

► Mohammad Ghasemipour, a researcher, in a specialized workshop of "oral history, from idea to production" held in Ilam’s Hozeh Honari, said: "Oral history is a product for creation in all artistic and literary dimensions.

► The head of the Center for Sacred Defense Documents and Research said: in the third ceremony of "Memorials and Names" of 50 commanders of IRGC will be appreciated during the holy defense whose oral history has been carried out in the last year, and  200  research and documentary works and audiobooks will be unveiled.

► During a trip to Firuzkooh, the cultural and educational deputy of Tehran’s Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs city announced construction of "oral history of the martyr’s parents" in this city and said: with the aim of preserving documents and literature of the holy defense period, the documentary of interviews with the martyrs’ parents will be made in Firoozkooh city.

► Sakineh Kavousi Heidari is a retired oil industry healthcare nurse who served as a nurse at Masjed Soleiman Oil Industry Hospital since September 1975; during serving for nearly 35 years in the oil industry's healthcare, she has obtained interesting and important information about healthcare of the oil industry during the pre and post-revolution periods, which, during three interview sessions, has been provided to the oral history department of Petroleum Museums And Documents Center.

► The head of Khuzestan’s Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans Affairs said:  appreciating the veterans and spouses of spinal cord amputation veterans, recording oral history of the martyrs' parents, opening the cultural complex of commanders and Amirs[1] of the holy defense and meeting with families of the martyrs are among these programs.

► The project of "Oral History of Crisis Management", that its start point was experience of "Gilan-Zanjan Earthquake in  1990" and "Bam Earthquake in 2003", has been started several months ago at the Institute of Natural Disasters and is a move forward to learn from past events.  

►The officer of publishing works and values of women's participation in the holy defense of West Azerbaijan Province said: The oral history book of "Hard Days of Qamtareh" was selected as the best National work of Holy Defense; this book has been published by the General Directorate of West Azerbaijan’s Preservation of Works and Publication of Values of Sacred Defense.

► Having passed half a century after the start of activity of the school complex of Isfahan University, the book of oral history of the scholars of this complex was unveiled in a ceremony.

► The Director General of Zanjan’s Preservation of Works and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense said:  On the occasion of Holy Defense Week,  four oral history books of Zanjan, which are memories of veterans of the Holy Defense period, will be unveiled.

► The book  "I Trust This Logo"  was unveiled in Mashhad, which includes a number of memories of the literacy movement educators in Khorasan Razavi and has been compiled and published as part of oral history of the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution.

► The first stage of recording oral history course was held by the efforts of Office of Publication of Works and Values of Clergy Participation in the Holy Defense and seminary of Yazd.

► The Director General of the Foundation for Preservation of Works of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari announced unveiling of 27 books in Holy Defense Week and said:  16 of them are written books, 9 audiobooks,  10  oral history books and one sourcebook on document.

► The director general of Preservation of the Sacred Defense Works of Khuzestan said: "We are extremely backward on women of field of sacrifice and jihad, and it is necessary that an oral history movement and content production of women's role in the sacred defense to be formed.

► The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs stressed the need to prepare oral history of the Holy Defense:  It is important that the spirit of sacrifice, devotion and sincerity that the martyrs had can be conveyed to the youth.

► 70 researchers, writers and enthusiasts from all over the country attended in an online workshop of oral history of Mazandaran’s Hozeh Honari with the presence of Morteza Nouraei.

►Stating that Gilan executive agencies should participate in collecting oral history and printing books of the Holy Defense and Resistance Front, governor-general of Gilan said: "We hope Gilan will act as a leading province in this field as always.

► On the occasion of the holy defense week, the radio program "Khakriz-e Khaterah" and "Oral History of War" was broadcast on Fars radio on a daily basis.

► Manager of the Oral History Studies of the Holy Defense Documents and Research Center, announced publication of 11  books in this field and said, "With the efforts of IRGC commanders during the Holy Defense, as well as efforts of our colleagues in management of oral history studies,  11 works have been ready to be published and unveiled at the ceremony of "Memorials and Names."  

► The most enduring interviews in oral history of the Holy Defense, which were available at the Astan Quds Razavi Document Center, were introduced and unveiled in a ceremony on Tuesday on the eve of Holy DefenseWeek.

► Mohammad Nazarzadeh, an expert in oral history, said: "One of the ways to survive the holy defense is oral history, which can be interviewed by all individuals, groups and ranks present in the war, and this important event can be addressed from different angles.

► The Director General of Khuzestan’s Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans Affairs announced holding 300 cultural programs on the occasion of Holy Defense Week by Khuzestan’s Holy Defense Veterans Committee and said: Among this week's programs is opening of the memorial of martyr Ali Hashemi and beginning of recording oral history of martyrs’ families and veterans with more than 70% disability.

► Concurrent with Holy Defense Week, in the 96th Scientific-Cultural Tuesdays program of Organization of Libraries, Museums and Document Center of Astan Quds Razavi, position of oral history in retention of memories of the Holy Defense was reviewed and the most lasting interviews in oral history of the Holy Defense were unveiled.  

► The head of the Holy Defense Document and Research Center said: Oral history of 130 senior IRGC commanders  with  2,617  meetings and  4,000  hours of professional dialogue and video recording was completed.  

► The ceremony of unveiling new document research works and audiobooks, honoring the narrator commanders of oral history of the Holy Defense and Resistance Front, and honoring dignified families of martyred and veteran Sardars[2] in the presence of civil and military officials entitled "Memorials and Names" was held at The National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense.

► Managing Director of Astan Quds Razavi Publications said: "There is very much courage of the youth and people of our country in the eight years of the holy defense; in this regard, many artists and writers have tried to narrate these sacrifices with cinematic works as well as story-based or oral history books.


[1] ranking 2nd Brigadier General and higher in the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

[2] Second Brigadier General and higher in the IRGC and commanders of the Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran (Police)

Number of Visits: 1943