Oral History Workshop – 9

After the interview

Shahed Yazdan
Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan


The oral history website is going to provide the educational materials of some oral history workshops to the audience in written form. The present series has been prepared using the materials of one of these workshops. As you will see, many of the provided contents are not original or less said contents, but we have tried to provide categorized contents so that they can be used more.


After the interview

The first thing that should be done after an interview is to transcribe it. To do this, the audio file of the interview should be converted to a text without the slightest change. Each hour of interview will be approximately 32 pages of handwritten paper and about 17 typed pages.

In the next step, to document the interview, print the transcribed text and get a written confirmation from the narrator. If the interview is related to a specific organization or body, the seal of that organization should also be stamped on the paper printout.

After the interview is transcribed, the text should be studied by the interviewer. If there were incomprehensible words or points, if some questions were incompletely answered, the names of people or places were said that need further explanation, and every incomprehensible thing that was seen should be noted down and these items should be disposed at the beginning of the next session.

Sometimes these ambiguities and questions are so numerous that clarifying them requires another session, and this is the supplementary interview.


Things to do after the interview:

  1. Transcription
  2. Documentation
  3. Saving a backup copy of the audio file
  4. Clarifying the ambiguities


It is necessary to do these four steps after the interview. If these things are not done, our interview is incomplete. After the interview is transcribed and the ambiguities are resolved, the meeting will end, otherwise the interview is still incomplete.

A complete meeting for an interview means studying the transcribed text and fixing the problems and defects of that session.

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How Imam Khomeini Was Under Siege in Baghdad

Ahmad asked me [Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabai] not to talk to anyone about the upcoming plans and the decisions sometimes made. We traveled from Najaf to Karbala by bus in one hour. All the way, I was worried and anxious. When we returned, Ahmed said: ‘We will leave Iraq in two days.’ I was shocked. I asked bewilderedly: ‘What happened? He replied: ‘The situation worsened in these two days, the siege has become more intense, ...
A memory from Mohammad Reza Yousefi

Stealing medicines from the city pharmacy

In the days after the Islamic Revolution, many people remember that young people gathered in different parts of the cities, and each one represented a group: groups such as the Tudeh party, Monafeghin or the hypocrites, the Fedai Guerrillas, the Democrats, Hezbollah, etc. each of which debated with each other with different political opinions and worldviews, and sometimes physical conflicts occurred between them during the debate. I was also interested in such street debates.

An Intelligent Demonstration

The people of Kurdistan did not have the courage to attend the demonstration due to pressures the regime had put on them. Whenever there was a demonstration across the country, there was no news in Saqqez until we, as the exile who were 10 to 11 people, decided to hold a demonstration there. When we started to demonstrate, two-three police cars had turned on their lights and followed us along with ...

Feeling of suffocation in runnel

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan
Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th of Dey 1357 (December 30 and 31, 1978) had coincided with the first days of the lunar month of Safar 1399. It had been four or five days since we left the sit-in. The regime showed terrible and intimidating behaviors and confrontations. On the other hand, we also prepared a big rally, which ended at Khorasan Governorate. From the first days of the Dey, the Pahlavi ...